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The laboratory for crystal growth and materials processing of the DPMC of the University of Geneva belongs to the Quantum Materials Group.

The laboratory for crystal growth (lead by Dr. Enrico Giannini)  searches for novel materials with strong electron correlations. The interest is both on fundamental solid state physics and possible future applications (of superconductivity, spintronics, electronic devices…). This team has a long-standing experience in crystal growth, and has been working on a broad variety of compounds, with special focus on superconducting cuprates, magnetic transition metal silicides, Fe-based superconductors and, more recently, topological insulators and semiconducting transition metal chalcogenides.

The laboratory is equipped for a large versatility for the production of crystals of various and very different materials: two mirror furnaces for the Floating Zone growth, HF induction furnaces for Czochralski growth, even in oxidizing atmosphere and from levitating melt, arc furnaces, high-T high-P cubic anvil press (up to 10GPa 1500°C), high-p(O2) furnaces (100bar), resistive furnaces for the Bridgman method and the Vertical Gradient Freezing growth, many furnaces for solid state reactions under various conditions.



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